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Two dogs chasing bubbles through summer grass. The camera angle is at face level with the dogs.

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A close up photograph of a dog's nose

Why Can Some Dogs Smell Better Than Others?

Two dogs swimming underwater. They are side by side and swimming towards the viewer.

Why Do Some Dogs Have Webbed Feet?

Headshot of a great dane dog gazing out across the countryside.

14 Facts about The Great Dane Dog Breed

A jack Russell dog sitting beside a grandfather clock.

Can Dogs Tell The Time?

Close-Up Photography of Beagle

Donation from Profit December 2023

four dachshunds running along a forest path towards the camera

17 Interesting Facts about Dachshunds

A spaniel dog sitting in front of a glass of water. Text to the left says, "How Dogs Drink water."

How do Dogs Drink Water?

An otterhound laying down, facing the camera.

All About the Otterhound – Britain’s Rarest Dog Breed

A low-angle shot of a German shepherd dog running after a tennis ball.

Pros & Cons of Getting a German Shepherd: Top 20 Reasons

Close up head shot of Aabeagle and Labrador mix dog.

How to Cope With The Loss of a Dog – a Book Suggestion

Photo of a Jack Russell dog jumping up on a man's leg. the man has his hand on the dog's head. The photo is taken in a field with the sun rising in the background.

How to Stop Your Dog From Jumping Up

An Elderly Man and a Young Boy Standing Beside their Pet Dog

How to Train an Old Dog: Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

How to Clicker Train a Dog

An illustration of two dogs sitting before a table heaving with food - all a part of a balanced canine diet.

Guide to Dog Nutrition: Essential Tips for All Breeds and Ages

Staffordshire Bull terrier rolling over in grass.

How to Teach Your Dog to Roll Over

A puppy sitting in a living rom surrounded by paraphernalia required for toilet training a dog.

How to Toilet train a Puppy

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