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  • British Bulldog & Big Ben Unisex T-shirt


    There’s not much that’s more British than a bulldog, Big Ben and the Union Jack! We’ve managed to squeeze all three onto this patriotic tee! Featuring a grainy print style, our bulldog design has a gritty appearance which matches the imagery. The perfect addition to any wardrobe, this unisex t-shirt would make a great gift….

  • Corgi Dog Breed T-shirt – Short legs, Big heart


    There’s a reason the late Queen loved corgis, and that reason is that they’re a wonderful little breed! What encapsulates their character better than this corgi t-shirt? Short legs and a big heart! A little like one or two of us here at Dog Life Hub! This unisex corgi t-shirt is the perfect addition to…

  • Grey T-shirt featuring a dachshund dressed as a lordMan wearing a Grey T-shirt featuring a dachshund dressed as a lord

    Dachshund dog – Funny Unisex T-shirt


    Dachshund Unisex T-shirt – ‘Good day to you!’ Look at this distinguished dachshund gentleman! A dachshund dog portrayed as a British Lord. The shirt includes the cordial and sophisticated greeting, ‘Good day to you!’ A humorous sausage dog t-shirt that any dachshund lover can wear. A great gift for a dachshund owner. The tear-away label…

  • White T-shirt featuring a colourful image of a French bulldog wearing glasses,Pink T-shirt featuring a colourful image of a French bulldog wearing glasses,

    French Bulldog – Unisex T-shirt


    A colourful image of a French Bulldog wearing glasses! A t-shirt displaying that image is sure to raise a smile or two! This dog t-shirt is available in several colours and sizes, and is made from ethically grown and harvested cotton. It features a tear away tag so your neck doesn’t get itchy, and it…

  • Who let the dogs pout? T-shirt in whiteWoman wearing a white t=shirt with an image of several dogs pouting. The text reads, 'Who Let The Dogs Pout?'

    Funny Dog T-shirt – Unisex – Who Let The Dogs Pout?


    Funny dog T-shirt! Who Let The Dogs Pout? This shirt is sure to raise a smile wherever you wear it – featuring several dogs showing off their best pouts! Buy it for yourself, or as the perfect gift for a dog lover with a sense of humour. The tear-away label means a scratch-free experience with…

  • White great dane t-shirtCouple wearing matching white great dane t-shirts

    Great Dane Dog Unisex T-shirt – Gentle Giant


    This Great Dane T-shirt features a colourful illustration of this wonderful dog breed, with the text ‘Gentle Giant at Heart,’ confirming what Great Dane lovers allready know! This unisex shirt works whether you’re wearing it shirt to talk about yourself, the great dane, or both! Available in many colours and sizes, this shirt would make…

  • Shih Tzu T-shirt – The World’s Most Pawsome Shih Tzu Mom


    A great unisex T-shirt for a Shih Tzu lover! Designed in house, this shirt will show your love for such a special dog breed. Available in several colours and sizes. Buy it for yourself or as the perfect gift for a person with a Shih Tzu in their life! As with all our products –…

  • The World’s Most Pawsome Shih Tzu Dad T-shirt


    ‘The World’s Most Pawsome Shih Tzu Dad,’ soft cotton T-shirt. A great T-shirt for a shih Tzu Owner! Available in five colours and several sizes. As with all our dog T-shirts, 10% of the profit will go to a different UK dog charity or shelter each month. Made with 100% ring-spun cotton, a lightweight fabric…

  • Unisex Funny Dog T-shirt


    ‘No Outfit is Complete Without Dog Hair’ T-shirt The ideal T-shirt for a dog owner who understands the battle against dog hair! Buy it for yourself, or as a gift for a dog lover. A soft cotton T-shirt with a funny dog design. Five colour choices and several sizes. Made with 100% Airlume combed and…

  • Unisex German Shepherd Dog T-shirt


    ‘I don’t Care What You Think – My GSD Thinks I’m Cool!’ A funny German Shepherd Dog T-shirt. The perfect T-shirt for those who only care what their dog thinks about them! Celebrating the German Shepherd Dog, this T-shirt is made from 100% ethically grown cotton and comes with a tear away inner label to…