About Richard Oliver

Richard Oliver has always been surrounded by dogs, but it was during his decade in the British Army that he first encountered highly trained working dogs. His army days marked the beginning of a deep interest in dogs.

After being medically discharged from the army in the late 90s, and with a lot of time on his hands, he continued to learn about dogs, eventually earning qualifications in dog nutrition and behaviour, as well as studying human psychology.

Richard’s passion extends beyond traditional aspects of canine well-being; his personal experiences have led him to understand how dogs can offer significant support to people with mental health issues.

Having received such support from his own dog, Marley, who tragically passed away at the beginning of 2021, Richard knows just how much a dog can help people in their darkest moments.

With a long-standing interest in the well-being of both dogs and people, Richard authored the short book, ‘Coping with the Loss of a Dog’ in 2015. This guide continues to help people deal with the grief of losing a friend, and Richard turned to it himself after the particularly distressing death of Marley, finding help in the pages he’d written.

Richard’s goal in all areas of canine and owner well-being is to provide sensible, non-judgmental, and pragmatic advice that people can easily adopt.

To those grieving the loss of a dog, Richard extends his heartfelt sympathy and suggests his book as a potential source of comfort, available through the included links.

Richard Oliver - dog Behaviourist and nutritionist

Links to ‘Coping with the Loss of a Dog’