St. Bernard Hot Chocolate Mug


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There’s nothing more cosy than a hot chocolate on a cold winter’s evening!

Well – maybe the combo of a hot chocolate and a cuddly St Bernard might be a little more cosy!

Here we have both!  This microwave safe, dog design Hot Chocolate mug, features a high resolution image of a St, Bernard Dog on two sides of the mug.

When you consider that the image and text can withstand up to 3000 dishwasher cycles, you’ll realise that you’ll have gone through gallons of hot choccy before you need to think about replacing your St. Bernard hot chocolate mug!

As with all of our products – 10% of the profit will go to a UK based dog charity or shelter.

A few facts about the lovely St. Bernard dog breed.

Origin: St. Bernards originally come from the Swiss Alps and were bred by monks at the Great St Bernard Hospice, a traveller’s aid station.

  1. Rescue Dogs: They are famous for their role as rescue dogs in snowy, mountainous regions.

  2. Size: St. Bernards are giant dog breeds, with males weighing between 140-180 pounds (64-82 kg) and females slightly smaller.

  3. Appearance: They have a powerful, muscular build and a distinctive coat, which can be either smooth or rough. The coat is usually white with red, brown, or brindle markings.

  4. Temperament: Known for their gentle and friendly nature, they are great with families and children.

  5. Famous Symbol: The breed is often depicted with a small barrel around its neck, a symbol of their history in alpine rescue.

  6. Life Span: St. Bernards typically have a lifespan of around 8 to 10 years.

  7. Exercise Needs: Despite their size, they have moderate exercise needs but require space to move around.

  8. Health Issues: Common health issues in St. Bernards include hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, and bloat.

  9. Intelligence and Training: They are intelligent dogs but can be stubborn, making consistent, patient training important.



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