Dachshund Dog Meditating Mug – Paws and Reflect


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Dachshund Meditating Dog Mug

Many dachshund owners might find it hard to imagine their boisterous little dog being calm enough to meditate, but you’ve got to admit – this mindful sausage dog looks the part!

With the text, ‘Paws and Reflect’ complimenting it, the image is printed on both sides of the mug.

Ideal as a gift for somebody who meditates, or a dog lover (ideally somebody who ticks both boxes!), this meditating dachshund is looking for a forever home on somebody’s mug tree.

The high resolution dachshund image on this coffee or tea mug can withstand up to 3000 dishwasher cycles!

A Little Information about the Dachshund Dog Breed

  • Dachshunds were originally bred in Germany over 300 years ago to hunt badgers. Their name means “badger dog” in German.
  • They are known for their long bodies and short legs, which were ideal for digging into badger dens.
  • Dachshunds come in three sizes (standard, miniature, and kaninchen, which means rabbit) and three coat types (smooth, wirehaired, and longhaired). The Rabbit size dachshund is not recognised by clubs in The US or the UK.
  • Dachshunds are fiercely loyal to their owners and can be quite protective.
  • The dachshund has been a popular subject in art and culture, famously represented in paintings and sculptures and even serving as a mascot for the 1972 Munich Olympics.

We hope you’ll love this dachshund mug as much as we do!

As with all our products,10% of the profits go to a different dog shelter or charity each month.




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