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  • ‘Tea Time’ – Tea Mug With Cute Dog Image


    ‘Tea Time’ – dog mug. Enjoy your morning cuppa with this lovely tea mug, featuring an image of a cute dog enjoying its own cup of tea! Printed on two sides, this white mug is the ideal kitchen accessory for dog lovers and tea drinkers alike. It would make a lovely, small gift for somebody…

  • British Bulldog & Big Ben Unisex T-shirt


    There’s not much that’s more British than a bulldog, Big Ben and the Union Jack! We’ve managed to squeeze all three onto this patriotic tee! Featuring a grainy print style, our bulldog design has a gritty appearance which matches the imagery. The perfect addition to any wardrobe, this unisex t-shirt would make a great gift….

  • British Bulldog in London Mug – Black Ceramic


    British Bulldog mug featuring Big Ben and the union flag. You couldn’t get a more British way to drink your morning cuppa if you tried! Whether you love Bulldogs, England or Britain – this microwave safe mug has something for you! The image is printed in high resolution on two sides of the mug, and…

  • Cartoon Dog Themed Coffee Mug – Purple & Yellow


    Dog Coffee mug! This playful design features a cute dog on a coffee mug! Designed in a playful art style, you can’t help but smile when you look at it! Enjoy your coffee in this stylish dog themed mug! The high resolution image is printed on two sides of the mug, and can withstand up…

  • Colourful Dog Mug


    A simple dog design mug featuring a colourful image of a Collie type breed. The dog image can withstand up to 3000 dishwasher cycles, so you can expect to drink a lot of tea or coffee from it! Give one a forever home on your mug tree and we’ll donate 10% of the profit to…

  • Corgi Dog Breed T-shirt – Short legs, Big heart


    There’s a reason the late Queen loved corgis, and that reason is that they’re a wonderful little breed! What encapsulates their character better than this corgi t-shirt? Short legs and a big heart! A little like one or two of us here at Dog Life Hub! This unisex corgi t-shirt is the perfect addition to…

  • Corgi Dog Design Mug


    Short legs. big heart! That’s a corgi for you! As with many of us, the little corgi struggle sin the height department, but not in the personality department. This coffee or tea mug would make the perfect gift for a corgi lover or short person in your life! Microwave safe, and printed in high resolution,…

  • Cute Dachshund Coffee or Tea Mug


    Take a look at our delightful sausage dog mug! A cute sausage-dog on a cushion, enjoying a hot-chocolate! What more could you ask for on a dog-themed mug? Make your morning coffee or tea even more enjoyable, or use it for a hot-chocolate on a cold evening – preferably with your own dog alongside you…

  • Dabbing Dog Mug – Coffee or Tea


    Dabbing dog mug! This colourful design, featuring a dabbing dog wearing sunglasses, is printed on both sides of this white ceramic mug. The dog image is printed at high resolution and can withstand up to 3000 dishwasher cycles! Microwave safe, too, this lovely dog mug deserves a forever home on your mug tree! Buy your…

  • A pink hoodie featuring a colourful illustration of a dabbing dog wearing sun glasses.

    Dabbing Dog Wearing Shades Unisex Hoodie


    This dabbing dog hoodie features a colourful image of a dabbing dog wearing sunglasses! The perfect unisex hoodie for a dog lover who appreciates style! Featuring a large front, kangaroo style pocket, this hoodie is functional as well as fashionable. Get cosy in this loose fit dog hoodie! Size Width (in) Length (in) Sleeve Length…

  • Grey T-shirt featuring a dachshund dressed as a lordMan wearing a Grey T-shirt featuring a dachshund dressed as a lord

    Dachshund dog – Funny Unisex T-shirt


    Dachshund Unisex T-shirt – ‘Good day to you!’ Look at this distinguished dachshund gentleman! A dachshund dog portrayed as a British Lord. The shirt includes the cordial and sophisticated greeting, ‘Good day to you!’ A humorous sausage dog t-shirt that any dachshund lover can wear. A great gift for a dachshund owner. The tear-away label…

  • Dachshund Dog Meditating Mug – Paws and Reflect


    Dachshund Meditating Dog Mug Many dachshund owners might find it hard to imagine their boisterous little dog being calm enough to meditate, but you’ve got to admit – this mindful sausage dog looks the part! With the text, ‘Paws and Reflect’ complimenting it, the image is printed on both sides of the mug. Ideal as…

  • Dachshund Fan Club – Coffee or Tea Mug


    If you’re a fan of the dachshund breed then this is the mug for you! Microwave safe, this dog mug deserves a forever home on any dachshund lover’s mug tree! The dachshund image and accompanying text can withstand up to 3000 dishwasher cycles – that’s a lot of cuppas! Ideal as a thoughtful, small gift…

  • Dog Coffee or Tea Mug – Dog With Sunglasses


    This white ceramic dog design mug features a dog wearing shades and a bandana. The high resolution image of this chilled out dog is printed in high resolution on both sides of the mug. Suitable for any hot beverage, and microwave safe, this dog mug will look good on any mug tree! Material: White ceramic…

  • Dog Lover Coffee or Tea Mug – Paw Print Design


    A lovely dog themed coffee or tea mug featuring a heart and a dog paw print. Microwave safe, this dog lover mug has the high resolution image printed on two sides. The image is capable of withstanding up to 3000 dishwasher cycles – that’s a lot of hot beverages! The ideal small gift for a…

  • Dog Lover Mug – Coffee or Tea Mug


    The perfect mug for a dog lover! High resolution images printed on two sides of the mug. Featuring hearts and dog paw prints, the images on this microwave safe, dog mug can withstand up 3000 dishwasher cycles – that’s a lot of morning tea or coffees! The ideal small gift for a dog lover in…