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  • Corgi Dog Breed T-shirt – Short legs, Big heart


    There’s a reason the late Queen loved corgis, and that reason is that they’re a wonderful little breed! What encapsulates their character better than this corgi t-shirt? Short legs and a big heart! A little like one or two of us here at Dog Life Hub! This unisex corgi t-shirt is the perfect addition to…

  • Corgi Dog Design Mug


    Short legs. big heart! That’s a corgi for you! As with many of us, the little corgi struggle sin the height department, but not in the personality department. This coffee or tea mug would make the perfect gift for a corgi lover or short person in your life! Microwave safe, and printed in high resolution,…

  • A lady's hand holding a sticker featuring an illustration of a plump Corgi dog with the text 'I'm not fat - I like big bones...'An image of a laptop with a sticker placed on the bottom right corner. The sticker is an illustration of an overweight corgi dog, with the text. 'I'm not fat - I like big bones.'

    Funny Corgi Dog Sticker


    ‘I’m not fat – I like big bones’ funny corgi, vinyl die-cut decal sticker. Playing on the often used saying, (by me, anyway!) ‘I’m not fat, I’m just big boned,’ this sticker features a pleasantly plump corgi, embracing her plumpness in style! Manufactured by us, this Corgi dog sticker is printed at high resolution on…